Thursday, September 18, 2008

XBMC USplash theme

Here is my contribution to the awesome XBMC project.

This USplash theme will transform your boot experience into a cleaner media experience, the result will look something like this:

So, how to install this? (Ubuntu only)

  1. Download the
  2. Extract that into your home folder.
  3. run sudo apt-get install usplash libbogl0 libbogl-dev libgd2-noxpm libgd2-noxpm-dev usplash-dev build-essential
  4. Change into the usplash-theme-xbmc-v2 folder.
  5. run make.
  6. Copy the resulting to your home folder.
  7. Run sudo apt-get install startupmanager.
  8. Run the newly install app in the gnome menu System -> Administration -> Start-Up Manager
  9. Select the apperance tab and under Usplas Themes, Click Manage themes, and select the file.
  10. Select that from the list of themes and click Close.
  11. Enjoy your new boot splash.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Really nice work. Just a question: would it be possible to distribute a pre-compiled version for Ubuntu (Gutsy, Hardy)?

duduke said...

I will try, as I have little to no experience creating packages.